Manage all your freight shipping needs
in one place

Book freight, automate compliance paperwork, and communicate with team members, customers and supply chain partners through Abridge.

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Easy shipping that helps you win

Book ocean freight or air freight online with just a few clicks on the Abridge platform.

Say goodbye to manual data entry, and hello to automatically generated shipping documents.

Collaborate smoothly and communicate better.

Gain insights that help you grow and scale faster.

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How does it work?


Book freight

Book ocean freight or air freight online through the Abridge platform.


Prepare paperwork

Upload the consignment's invoice, packing list, and any custom documents. We automatically generate all shipping documents after that.


Stay on track throughout

Chat directly with any team member, supply chain partner, or customer with easy referencing to any consignment.

Get end-to-end control in one place

Book Freight Online

Place your freight booking requests online through Abridge's lightweight booker so you can spend more time on core functions for your business.

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Avoid Manual Paperwork

Upload your invoice and packing list, and we do the rest. Automatically generated shipping documents help you counter multiple email and phone exchanges with 3PLs.

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Stay in the Loop

Stay ahead of surprise obstacles and delays with customizable reminders and notifications. Get easy status updates from your team, supply chain partners, and customers.

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Customized Dashboard

Choose from templates to customize your workflow for consignments.

Real-time Analytics

Analyze your logistics team’s performance, identify and solve bottlenecks faster.

Automated paperwork that saves dollars

Spend less money on employing labor for paperwork.

Upload job invoices, packing lists, and any custom documents

Automate checklist generation and filing

Receive shipping bills, and BL drafts straight to your dashboard

Real-time collaboration, wherever you are

Designed for the modern supply chain, Abridge is a shared workspace that makes collaborating with your team, supply chain partners, and customers smooth and intuitive. Even remotely.

Operate better with Abridge.

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